I made this stand up special with no money and lots of friends in July 2013.

My first film, The Connoisseur of Air featuring Gary Kealy.

A film I made with Colin Chadwick for the Firehouse Film Festival #2. We won Best Writing! Yay!

A music video for the band Halves, that I made with Simon Mulholland. Great song.

An animation.

A children’s story about typography from Conor O’Toole’s Manual of Style. Described by Eric Spiekermann as “Cute, if a bit slow”.

Jon Hozier-Byrne and I very occasionally pretend to be turn-of-the-century fools, instead of modern ones.

I was in the RTÉ Storyland show Student Teacher in 2012, we came second! By Giles Brody.

My finest performance to date in Simon Mulholland‘s Zombies.

Some crazy nonsense.

A video of a song from The Funeral of Conor O’Toole performed at the MGM, plus a much better song by the incredibly excellent Little Xs for Eyes.

The Heat Death of the Universe, for Conor Basquelle Smith

At the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012, I released one ticket per day for a show called Tea with Conor O’Toole. The ticket holder was entitled to then give me a topic of their choosing, which I would then attempt to write two minutes of material about. I would then go for tea with them and deliver them their material, plus approximately 58 minutes of unscripted ‘banter’. The idea was if I did 25 of these shows in the month by the end I would have a new show, made up of 25 wholly unrelated bits, which I would call Entire O’Tea. Unfortunately, due of demand, I only did around eight Tea with Conor O’Tooles, and two of them were with my Dad. So instead I decided to film one I could remember, which you will find below.


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